Julio Amado


BeFlow was born through a need to offer the market a choice of integrated marketing actions and new technologies in the digital environment. The agency was founded in 2017 and is led by Julio Amado, a professional attentive to digital transformations, in the way that they have been impacting the minds of consumers and the business opportunities that arise every day, whether through disruptive business models , from those who want to take their first steps in the online environment or by companies looking to reinvent themselves in this new era.

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The online environment has a vast ecosystem of possibilities for different types of businesses. Through it, we can communicate with the most different segments of society in an assertive and highly monitorable way. This is one of BeFlow’s passions, plunging into this ocean of opportunities to win over the public that our customers aim to reach in the better way possible.

The new era in which we live is a great opportunity for good ideas to generate unimaginable returns in earlier stages of industrial history

Julio Amado

We make your vision a reality in the online environment.

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